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Market Affiliation – Get Your Own Amazon Web Store with Fresh Store Builder

Fresh Store Builder - The Most Advanced Amazon Affiliate Software

Ever wanted your own Amazon Web Store ?

Well now with Fresh store builder, you can do just that.

From a selection of different templates available your able to customise the design / layout with any of the following: CSS / HTML / PHP / Javascript / Jquery

If your not computer code savvy, then dont worry, your still able to customise certain basics of the site, like background-colours etc with the built in editor options.

Do your background Niche research and competitor analysis with the popular “market samurai” and then write several unique articles all geared around your chosen keyword/s.

Your now ready to alter the pre-built product page content template wording, as well as all meta tag ( description tags/ url title tag / title tags etc ). You can create as many templates as you need, or if its just the case of altering the odd few words, add one batch of products in using the template, then modify the template to add a variation of another product in.

Your now ready to populate your fresh store builder web site with products. Do this running either the automated tool, or if you choose so, search for products by their keyword or product description. Another alternative is to manually the “asin” number for each of the products, so you control whats being added.

Fresh Store Builder - The Most Advanced Amazon Affiliate Software

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